In partnership with The World with MNR, a registered non-profit corporation founded by twin activists and journalists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman, we have created Girlz, RTW, a new project to empower girls to dream big and pursue non-traditional careers.


There are many people who believe that it's time we live in a world with gender equality. The Girlz, RTW (Run the World) Conferences, are meant to take that belief to the next level. These conferences will give girls around the globe access to training, empowerment and mentorship to pursue the career of their dreams.

There will be three main aspects to each conference: The Summit, Field Trips, and Mentorship. The summits and field trips will feature five streams: Storytelling, Sports, Advocacy, STEM and Business. 


the summit

The first part of the conference, the "Career Summit," will be run with a group of 100 girls at a time. They will have the opportunity to learn about careers in five different streams, participate in empowerment activities, hear from guest speakers, and connect with the other girls in the program.

field trips

Following the Career Summit, "Career Field Trips" will be held. These will give participants the opportunity to visit a workplace from the stream they are most interested in. They will meet with someone who is working in that industry, and learn more about their career, while also participating in a hands-on activity that will help them experience the career.


The final part, Mentorship, will give girls the opportunity to apply to Girlz, FTW's existing mentorship platform, and get paired with a mentor for a six-month mentorship program which will guide them on how they can reach their career goals.


The first-ever Girlz,RTW conference will be held in partnership with Trinity College at the University of Toronto. 100 girls based in Toronto will have the opportunity to participate in the conference. Stay tuned for speakers, workplaces and more details regarding the conference!


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