In 2017, with International Women's Day only a week away, we decided we wanted to do more than just post a #girlpower status on social media. We were tired of just expressing our feminism through hashtags and “the future is female” t-shirts only to go back to focusing on our daily lives.


We started Girlz, FTW because we wanted to do something tangible to support women and girls. We wanted to channel the magic of women's day every single day. So, we designed a website, asked our most inspiring friends to become mentors, created a curriculum and launched applications for mentees – all in seven days.


Girls from all over the world applied to the program. We chose a final 16 mentees hailing from India, Canada and all around the U.S. and paired them with badass female leaders. We hosted a speaker series to learn from other badass women. We shared awkward moments, insecurities, fights with our parents. We talked about how to get into college, how to build a killer resume, what feminism means to us. We watched inspiring TED Talks, started bullet journals and planned our visions for the year. We supported each other.

Today, our program has thousands of girlz from over 73 countries, our team has grown from 3 to 13, and our vision has expanded beyond just a mentorship program.  As we continue look at news headlines from around the world, we know there’s a lot more work ahead of us. So, with our heads held high and a deep sense of urgency, we’re marching towards the future we want. We hope you join us for this wild ride.

Note: All roles are volunteer positions. We are happy to write recommendation letters if you'd like to include your experience on our team in your resume. 

Storytelling Program

We're looking for writers and storytellers passionate about elevating the voices of women and girlz around the world.  The Girlz, FTW Storyteller Program is designed to empower the next generation of female writers, storytellers and journalists . Whether you have simply written for your diary, published articles for your school newspaper or created content for an NGO, Girlz, FTW wants to give YOU the opportunity to voice your opinion and help us uncover what the female experience is like all over the world.

You’ll explore issues that women care about through blog writing, prose, poetry, photography or other creative outlets. You’ll also gain the opportunity to interview community #girlbosses or spark meaningful conversations with them and present them creatively for the blog.

As a part of the Girlz,FTW Storytelling Program, you are required to:

  • Write 6 blogposts over the course of 6 months based on monthly prompts

  • Attend monthly meetings to discuss progress and meet with writers to talk all things writing, feminism and social change



  • Get featured on our website and across our social media channels

  • Potential to get Ad credits to feature your work beyond our networks

  • A byline and writing samples for your portfolio

  • Access to trainings on creative storytelling

  • If needed: recommendation letters 


We're looking for a badass girl with:

  • Writing experience

  • English fluency 

  • Organizational skills: Ability to set and track deadlines 

  • A passion for women's rights and elevating the voices of other women

Your dream role 

Interested in joining our dream team but don't see your dream role listed? We still want to hear from you!

Scroll down to fill out the application form and choose "Your dream role" in the position field









I'm at my best when caffeinated. I work at the intersection of technology and politics and I'm passionate about empowering people to have a voice in government. You'll sometimes catch me speaking at the United Nations or hosting dinners that bring people with various political beliefs together. I'm most inspired by women who lead with purpose and continuously elevate girlz around them.

I'm never without an erasable pen & paperback book. As I shuffle a mile a minute in the big apple, I'm forever adding fire to my soul by creating an engaging community to address and tackle society’s prevalent issues through powerful media. Catch me changing the conversation by hosting movie screenings to salons that run the gamut from women empowerment to the refugee crisis.

I'm passionate about creating spaces people can connect which directly translates into my work at the crux of community and tech. Storytelling has always been at the core of what I do, something I brought along from my past as a publicist and digital media editor. You could say I'm a content fiend, from women-centric sites to classic literature to quirky films. Otherwise, you can find me walking around a museum, discovering female artists and illustrators on Instagram and adding to my large earring collection.



Fueled by coffee & positive energy, I’m driven by making an impact in someone's life, and in the community. I never let fear or struggle stand in the way or set me back. I’m constantly chasing challenges, and finding ways to not only be inspired by women leaders, but be the inspiration to the girlz around me. I hold a career in supply chain by day, but you will find me teaching young kids and mentoring young girls on the weekends. I’m devoted to educating and helping those in need, and together we can make the positive change and difference we need in our society.



I've long been actively passionate about social good causes, from tutoring underprivileged kids to running group therapy for adolescents on probation. I studied music and conducting in college, but have loved tech since I was little, and am thrilled to be a software engineer. When I’m not coding, I enjoy singing, investigating new green tech companies, and spending time with my cat. As a bay area native and self-proclaimed taco aficionado, I will happily (and fiercely) debate the caliber of local taquerias.





 I am an educator, trainer, and pastry chef.  I began my career teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to elementary and middle school learners before transitioning to teaching adult learners.  Recently, I was at a nonprofit working at the intersection of culinary and professional learning in New York City.  I am passionate about supporting women and about equity, inclusion, and representation.  I love to read, write, and listen to music.  My (current) favorite colors are green and gold.  



I may just be a junior in high school but I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, tech, and supporting other girlz. In the future, I hope to run my own business empire and change the lives of people all over the world. I’m inspired by girl bosses who are breaking barriers, and in my free time, you can catch me reading a book, dancing, playing soccer, or hanging out with my dog, Gucci.





We're twin activists with a passion for inspiring other youth in the world to make a difference. We're activists for causes including girls' education, environmental sustainability, and ending poverty. Together, we run the YouTube channel The World With MNR to showcase how we are making a difference. We're inspired by all the dreamers in the world who don't give up on their dreams until they come true.



My name is Lasya, and I’m a high schooler fromEdison, New Jersey who is passionate about public speaking and debate. My experience with Model UN and student government has made me fall in love with international relations and global affairs. I’m inspired by brave girlz all throughout the world who stir the pot and push for change — something which I strive to do in the future. In my free time you can catch me binge watching Netflix, dancing, singing, or playing the flute.



Even though my mother once told me: "You were born to be a leader", I always thought I was just one piece of a larger puzzle. Over time, I've learned that being smart isn't about knowing it all, it's  about making decisions that are right for you. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter where you come from, its all about the actions you take to make a positive impact on others. I'm a Latina making a difference in the lives of others by teaching them to infuse love in everything they do. My mamá once told I would make it big, and now I think I can!

I am a New York City native with over 19 years of nonprofit experience with women, children and young adults. I am a fierce advocate for social justice, diversity and equity in education. In my free time you’ll likely catch me cracking up at relatable memes, manifesting my goals, playing an overly competitive game of Taboo or spending time with loved ones.

 I've lived life through storytelling and experiences, I'm an ardent listener and writer. The burning desire to serve and to add value has led me to pursue social change and self-development. I have a vivacious personality and a sheep best describes me; calm and wild. If I am not having great conversations, writing or reading, then I'll be playing loud songs or having photography sessions with myself.



As a young Nigerian girl from grassroots origins, I fancy myself to be a student of life. My interests lie in finance, technology and law and oh, how I love food! I'm passionate about issues related to youth from underprivileged communities and I have vowed to live my life to bring light and life to the countless dreams and talents that spring up from the slums. To achieve this, I won't stop working on a better version of myself because I believe change starts with me. When I'm not working, learning or vibing to music, you'll catch me binge-watching anything food related.





Iridescence is a word that would best describe me, but I’m not one for labels. I’m always discovering new facets of myself through round-table discussions, connecting with the community, and traveling to new places. My passion for connection allows me to amplify important conversations that inspire, educate and empower. I live by the quote, “A winner is a dreamer that never gives up,” by Nelson Mandela, and I’m inspired by badass women who fight the system by being unapologetically themselves.

I am an ambivert with different passions and interests ranging from technology to philosophy and health sciences, but at the core of everything, I relish helping people. I love helping people most especially, girlz to explore their full potential and live their best life. As the sun rises anew each day, I start every day with new energy and my curious heart has so much more to discover and experience. I am an adventurer looking for valuable experiences! When I'm not teaching or sharing knowledge, I'm most likely somewhere learning or meeting new people.



My interests lie in business, international relations, and media. I currently work in the media business, building spaces for movie consumption, but I’m passionate about films & writing that propel social change. My goal is to drive human rights, gender equality, and health education forward in India, through storytelling. When I’m not working, I spend my time watching/reading murder mysteries, often in twisted yoga positions.



I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania who is passion about empowering and advocating for women around the world. My interests lie in medicine, visual arts, and social advocacy. In the future, I hope to fight for healthcare equity. When I am not studying for organic chemistry, you'll find me sipping on bubble tea and binging Grey's Anatomy


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