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✨Join Us✨

Girlz, FTW is hosting an interactive talent show to celebrate the poets, writers, and artists in our community in honor of International Day of the Girl. Our theme for the event is “The Road to Challenging Gender Norms” and our performances, open discussions, and activities will be centered around this.

Social and gender norms shape our lives in implicit and explicit ways. We internalize, enforce, break and submit to these norms, sometimes subconsciously. The realization that these norms exist and that they have loomed over us can be life-changing. Not everyone has this realization in a day, and some never realize it at all because of how deeply entrenched they are. Through this event, we'll explore how social or gender norms and roles have shaped the trajectory of the lives of girlz around the world.

Donations to join the event and during it will all go towards the Girlz,FTW scholarship program helping women and girlz advance their education and try something new that supports them in their unlearning journey.

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