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We're redefining success, pushing beyond our fears, and taking the risks that will get us one step closer to our goals and building the world we want to live in.


We're done with surface-level conversations. It's time to remove all the filters and talk about the uncomfortable topics we often avoid.


We're building a global community of girlz that celebrate each other's successes and support each other through the bad times. No matter where you come from, there's always a seat at our table.


We're a mentorship program connecting girlz all over the world with badass women leaders from different backgrounds, industries and life experiences, forging a larger community of women passionate to better themselves and the world around them.

This is not one of those programs where you will be paired with a mentor who wakes up looking like Beyonce, pretends to have all the answers for everything in the world and always remembers to put on face moisturizer. Real women will be talking about real life. Think about the questions you have that aren't being answered. Maybe even the questions you're too scared to ask. You can ask us.


In 2017, with International Women's Day only a week away, we decided we wanted to do more than just post a #girlpower status on social media. We were tired of just expressing our feminism through hashtags and “the future is female” t-shirts only to go back to focusing on our daily lives.


We decided to start Girlz, FTW because we wanted to do something tangible to support women and girls. We wanted to channel the magic of women's day every single day. So, we designed a website, asked our most inspiring friends to become mentors, created a curriculum and launched applications for mentees – all in seven days.


Girls from all over the world applied to the program. We chose a final 16 mentees hailing from India, Canada and all around the U.S. and paired them with badass female leaders. We hosted a speaker series to learn from other badass women. We shared awkward moments, insecurities, fights with our parents. We talked about how to get into college, how to build a killer resume, what feminism means to us. We watched inspiring TED Talks, started bullet journals and planned our visions for the year. We supported each other.


As we look at news headlines from around the world, we know there’s a lot more work ahead of us. So, with our heads up and a deep sense of urgency, we’re marching towards the future we want. We hope you join us for this wild ride.