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How does this program work?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. If you're accepted, you'll get an acceptance email with a link to join our Facebook group where you can connect with girlz in the program. There you will get updates on community events, videos of talks we've done with other girlz in the program, and updates from the community. Once you've been matched with a mentor, you will receive an email with your mentor copied in it. Once you've been matched you will have 9 sessions with your mentor over the course of 6 months. We recommend you proactively reach out to your mentor to schedule them. Once you're done with the program, we encourage you to become a mentor! 

How will I get paired with my mentor?

We have an amazing cohort of mentors and we're so excited to match with yours! We prioritize matching you with a mentor based on the responses in your application. This individualized approach ensures you're connected with someone whose skill set will best help you overcome the unique challenges that you face and can provide you with the support you need to kickass in whatever you want to do.

When will I get paired with my mentor?

As applications are on a rolling basis, we will review and accept mentees and first admit you into our Girlz, FTW Facebook group, a larger community group where you can access to meet other girlz in the program. As mentor applications roll through, we will accept mentors and match pairs together. We appreciate your patience throughout this process as we work to match you (which may take a couple of weeks).

What can I talk about during my sessions?

Anything! We mean it. We're here to help you navigate difficult situations, explore new dreams, accomplish goals, and challenge the harmful cultural norms that hold us back. Your mentor is here to be a listening ear and to share relevant experiences that will help you feel supported as you navigate the world. 

How can I apply?

Head over to our mentee application here.

When are applications due?

We accept applications on a rolling basis so submit as soon as you can!

How long is the program?

The program is 6 months long. The first three months you'll have bi-weekly calls with your mentor (once every other week). The last three months you'll have a monthly call. This is the minimum requirement for the program, but you're more than welcome to chat with your mentor on a more regular basis.​

Why are you doing this?

​Because we still see women and girls being pitted against each other in the "race to the top". We want to show the world what can happen when girls support, empower and elevate each other.


"Loved being a part of the GIRLZ, FTW mentorship program. Just interacting with some inspiring and confident mentors filled me with a sense of confidence that I never felt earlier. They have played such a huge role in redefining feminism for us. A feminism that is realistic, achievable and desirable. A feminism where the equality begins between girls themselves. And once we can achieve that solidarity, no chauvinistic world can harm us!  Thank you [to my mentor] and GIRLZ, FTW. You've inspired me to dream big and believe in myself."



How does this program work?

This program is 6 months long. The first three months you'll have bi-weekly calls with your mentee (once every other week). The last three months you'll have monthly video calls. Each call should last an hour. We recommend you prep for 30 minutes before each call with your mentee. We'll also have monthly, hour-long virtual chats that everyone in the program is required to attend. In total, you'll dedicate a minimum of 15-20 hours total to the program.

Are there any requirements to be a mentor?

​We look for a lot of diversity with our mentors. Here are some of the general qualifications that stand out to us in an application:

  • College education

  • You're currently in the workforce workforce

  • Demonstrated leadership and passion for lifting other girlz up

  • Willing to speak freely about both her difficulties and triumphs

How will I get paired with my mentee?

We can't wait for you to meet your mentee! Once you are selected as a mentor, you will have to log into our portal to view the possible mentees selected for you. There are several factors that were taken into consideration to match you up from both you and mentee applications (eg: major, industry...etc). Once inside the portal, learn more about the girlz and select your top picks from there! Our applications works on a rolling basis, so as we accept mentees into the program over time, you'll find your match. We appreciate your patience in the meantime (which may take anywhere from a week to months).

What can I talk about during my sessions?

We are not your typical mentorship program. We leave it to you and your mentee to establish how you want this mentorship program to be set up. While we provide an guidebook, we have a lot of girlz that have worked with their mentor to work towards a goal. On the other end of the spectrum, we've had girlz that have talked on a gamut of topics. At the end of the day, you decide with your mentee.

What if my mentee runs out of questions to ask me?

Don't sweat it! We have a mentor training and a curriculum to ensure you and your mentee are prepared for fruitful conversations. With that being said, we want this program to be guided by mentees. This means that the most important part of being a mentor is listening to your mentee and ensuring they're getting the resources and support they need to succeed. Note: You're not expected to have all the answers to everything.

How can I apply?

Visit our mentor application here. The more detailed your answers, the better we can match you to a mentee that's right for you.

When are mentor applications due?

We accept applications on a rolling basis so submit as soon as you can!

When will I find out if I got accepted as a mentor?

We accept mentors into our program on a rolling basis so keep a look out in your email.

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