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Ten Reasons Why the Speaker Series with Kiran Gandhi Was Awesome

Kiran Gandhi, famously known as Madame Gandhi, is a drummer whose mission is to elevate and celebrate the female voice. The GIRLZ, FTW mentees had the opportunity to have her as our guest speaker to hear her story. She appeared for the talk wearing her favorite tee – ‘The Future is Female’ - although after a talk about gender fluidity we ended the talk by saying ‘The Future is Unicorns’. Here are ten reasons why the talk was a great success-

  1. Madame Gandhi is a badass female and we got to hear her inspiring story and life path.

  2. Madame Gandhi emphasized the importance of holding on to what you love and leaving the rest behind.

  3. We learned that crazy stuff will manifest when you use your creativity. It is tough to take risks but your life begins the moment you follow your intuitions and when you win, the whole world will be a part of it.

  4. Swinging on a pendulum of extreme confidence on one side and extreme insecurity on the other side is common and usual. What you can do is stop putting yourself in places you don’t feel good and engage in activities that you’re passionate about.

  5. Be a rebel only if you have the hunch that this is the real you and you can create magic with the work you do.

  6. Nicol Perez's cat made an appearance! He's a male but believes in feminism. Go Ami!!

  7. Amanda Arevalo gave us a make-up tutorial that involved “cooling water”, galactic shimmer, and glitter. It was extremely satisfying to watch.

  8. We talked about periods without shame or disgust. We were in awe when Madame Gandhi shared how she ran the 2015 London marathon on her period without any menstrual products.


  10. We all cried of happiness because the talk was inspiring and energizing. Eunice was still because Madame Gandhi correctly guessed her Zodiac Sign. Nikita and I may have a chance of meeting her in India whenever she happens to make a visit this year!

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