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Empower Yourself in Order to Find Your Own Power

Superpowers. Even their appellation makes you want one. Whether it is flying, being invisible or even invincible, they will make you feel meta-human. A superior. Yet, none of that appeals to me. I want a superpower that is going to enhance my human experience and help me connect with people. I want a superpower that will allow me to read a person’s mind.

Have you ever felt like you need someone’s help but you are not quite sure how to express your feelings and what you are going through? You wish there was some kind of wire that you could use to link your minds.

Well, being able to read people’s minds is the perfect way to put yourself in another's shoes and see the world through their lens. This superpower is far greater than any form of capturing other people’s emotions. It is the next stage of virtual reality. It will help us as humans grow and be compassionate beings. They say you never know how it feels until you witness it with your own eyes, and that is totally true.

Imagine two enemies who despise each other – if they were given the opportunity to read each other’s minds for a day, they’d learn that they are not that different after all. Everyone would become a feminist after witnessing the hardships of every woman trying to blossom in a patriarchal society. We often misjudge people based on their appearance and forget to give them a chance. Sometimes an orange’s rind can trick you, yet when peeled to its core, you'll be shocked.

Unfortunately, having superpowers is all in our imagination. But, it doesn’t mean we cannot benefit from the lessons these imaginary superpowers can give us. I discovered that I could enhance my human experience simply by becoming a better listener, thus becoming more aware of my surroundings.

I chose to sacrifice the time I spend on social media for deeper and more important discussions – from anxiety to depression, the latest book that made you cry to your biggest fear, your first love to your first heartbreak. I want to hear it all. Listening to what occupied people's minds strengthened my friendships and gave birth to new ones.

I learned that it can take five minutes of opening up to a friend and showing vulnerability to feel better about something that's been on your mind for months. I noticed that I wasn’t that different from my female friends. We pretty much had the same worries and fears. We were all seeking perfection, an illusion that shatters us each time we fail to attain it.

For all you girls out there, each one of you is unique, beautiful and outstanding in your own way. This may sound like one of those cheesy speeches that you see, hear or read right after a beauty product ad pops up, but it's not.

This is a fellow 17-year-old talking to you and trying her best to show you how amazing you are. You are a strong and ambitious girl boss who is going to rock the world out.

I want to remind of how beautiful you are from your hips’ curves to your weird personality. You are one of earth’s poetry and a piece of art. A precious diamond waiting for its moment to shine. You are a WOMAN. You were given the best superpower to ever exist.

So, don’t waste in listening to the NOs and DON’Ts or hating on other women. Raise your voices, join your forces and let the world witness your superpowers.

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