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A Poem: Conversations with my social media

Why do you have to be

This confusing?

You like me but

Can’t give me a ring

You don’t want to know

How I’ve been,

it’s so everyone can find,

my name on their screen

I still hold you close,

Your face to mine,

Just so I can see

The other signs

You notify me,

One by one,

Things others have said,

Written or done

Let’s go for a jog,

Come with me?

It’ll be good for us

Time together, quality

You disagree again,

your energy is low

well I’m tired of you too,

And your diminishing glow

I can’t leave you alone

my run can wait,

I have an hour before work

today I can’t be late

I succumb to you,

Let’s talk instead,

Tell me something good,

From the top of your head

What topic you ask,

The latest news:

There’s a fire in the woods

A world covered in fumes

My eyes are hurting,

Can we change the subject?

This isn’t easy to hear

Nor easy to forget

You quickly move on

And show me pleasant visuals

quick stories of -

my friends’ rituals

There you go,

You’ve made me smile,

I hold you tighter

For a longer while

But you bring it up again,

What’s ugly and true,

Hidden behind a world

I thought I knew

Let’s tell the others,

About this world of ours,

But you tell me to wait

For the right hour?

Afraid, you’ve made us

To share and speak,

Quiet, we’ve stayed,

Of hypocrisy, you reek

But your voice is louder,

The fire is growing

It’s time to speak up -

The world is moaning

I pick you up,

I won’t push you away,

No time for cowardice

There’s so much to say

You’ve been silent,

but don’t easily scare

start the conversation

With the world, and share

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