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Her Resilient Force

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

[subtitles to the video]

The very first day, in the year her thought-filled orchard bloomed curiosity

This thriving, agile spirit murdered her own power; pressured by societal expectations, a broadcasted atrocity!

She held not the weapon but she blindly watched as programmed instructions ripped her freedom apart

A shrunken character branded by the words, “You can’t play there little girl!” startled by the rebuke, rendered disarmed with a broken heart

Her first of many “can’ts”, an epic intro to a chain of “girly” restrictions

A season premiere of the exciting encounters with misogynistic afflictions

She felt the weight of the world’s silly standards, led astray by limitations,

She allowed herself to accept cunning invitations

Now she sits among the negativity; perched, settled upon defeat, just passing the time; ignorant to opportunities, she resigned

An impressive record of hiding behind “nevers” just because her femininity was too loud! What was the saying? Oh yeah right; out of sight out of mind!

A young woman was designed, like an eagle; all my sisters, we were meant to soar!

But they looked at her and decided this one needs a shell; to be silenced, hidden, for all to ignore

So they built the house of misconceptions and it was growth proof

No fresh air, no room to stretch, “The sky is the limit!” ironic when she could not reach beyond this tough roof

A vision she could never have! Purposely driven to be or was it NOT TO BE

To vocalize her thoughts was a bold violation of The Inferior Creation Act chapter 101, She could not live, could not flourish, not worthy

To be included because she was a man with a womb, a womb-man; you feel me?

Reduced to a mannequin, her clothes were hand-picked by detailed glorified dress codes

She was dressed to accommodate their scoffing

To dress for herself was unrealistic, selfish, a frivolous concern compared to advocating for better roads?

Too many times she identified with the title, harlot

Dating around qualified her for this honorary shame; to be free to explore, SHE COULD NOT!

Her education was the limited edition; her choices were to learn to cook or clean

She was forced to be motivated by a curriculum so mean!

To work was a dream for some, to others a work meant belittlement

Rejected ideas, disregarded proposals, minuscule compensations, non-existing increment!

Warned not to use her pampered feet to maneuver a ball

Instructed to sit and watch because she lacked the “manpower” to carry a team; “NO NOT AT ALL”

Precious hands only good to hold pompoms, her specialty was wearing shorts

To cheer for not to be cheered for, a tragic reality for a woman; oh boy reality hurts

Shot down confidence, she was led; never a leader

Told to never use her own words; not even as a designated reader

The crowd preferred bass not soprano

A female voice, with them could not resonate but a male voice, they could surely follow

For decades, she was bullied to retreat

So she locked her hopes in a box, sold her voice for the back seat

Imprisoned in her subconscious mind, trapped in a cycle of labelled mediocrity

Waiting to be emancipated from this curse of willful, declared inability!

It was all a lost cause until she learnt to fight

Empowered by the blood rushing through her veins, she pushed with all her might

With no backup, she was knocked right off her feet

But she stood, wobbly legs, bruised will, thick skin, busted lips parted and declared SHE’S HERE FOR HER FRONT SEAT!


With a savage growl, she bared her teeth

Sharpened, ready to expose their deceit

Unlike any other, her tribe had to work overtime

To be seen, to be heard, to even dream in this lifetime

Driven by raw passion, she quit sleep to embark on a journey to redefine a woman’s value to society

A freedom fighter, writer, an advocate for a well-deserved equality

Blistering, sore hands, she mended torn dreams; for the future, she established absolute quality

No guidelines, she used creativity to innovatively convert a people who could not listen

She unapologetically reconditioned a stubborn crowd to christen

Her kind as powerful, free to be athletes, teachers

Reporters, carpenters, even preachers

She trained her people to be, to soar, to motivate

Leaped over barriers, broke limitations; for every standard, she called a debate

She shifted the atmosphere, demolished set standards and rebuilt a nation

Where girls impacted through a positive cultivation

Where a woman is called an inspiration

They promoted her voice NOT as a sexual sensation

Woman! She still fights to be




Free from simplicity

To fill the social cavity

But she stands at a better place, leading with unobstructed ingenuity

To challenge this survivor is to try a solid amity

OFF with your head! She tolerates no animosity

Melissa Asregadoo is a passionate dancer and writer from Guyana. She also enjoys Korean dramas. Find her on Facebook Melissa Asregadoo and on Instagram @asre.mel

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