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The Unlearning Revolution

Sweet nature, short of a breath, stripped of native vigour, ingenuity diminished by “reality”; out of sight, out of mind

Absorbent layers of untouched earth, primed for full coverage

Soulfully and subconsciously drilled to be layered with cement; a faux, fortified foundation failing to fail when challenged

Beautiful innocence, altered to be adorned by blocks, uncensored censored building blocks to be “manufactured'' into something so exquisitely stunted; inactive, steady, not intended to move or be moved.

Except by standards!

Plastered upon the walls of a daily "developing” society?

Relatable huh?

You see, out of the womb, deemed a blank slate; rules written, breathed, released into the atmosphere were carved upon

Modeled as “realistic” morals to live effectively, to walk among “normal” men, to survive the future.

Essential for an immobile progression

This character succumbed to the “powerful” trend. Me. I am her. The girl was me.

Unashamed in all my ignorance, I learnt!

Gained the knowledge that made me into someone I really was not meant to be

Years passed, I was all in; submerged in the curriculum, on point with the rehearsed schedule.

Living and breathing what could only be described as a 4.0 GPA and I

Oh sorry, the people were pleased and I was uncomfortably comfortable.

Until I wasn’t. I was exhausted. Let my guard down, took off the scales

My focus was dimmed and my spirit connected with the truth.

Life, loud and overcrowded, for a millisecond became silent and peaceful?

Thrown off balanced, my inner man was triggered, set off to start a war between the real me and the ‘programmed’ me.

All that I knew saddled up for the impact

This skillfully, woven, handcrafted by culture facade was designed to withstand the pressure of this genuine, transparent, spoken by God reality.

The absolute worst was actually realising I needed more than these self-love compromising habits.

I realised I had to work overtime to submit to destruction, instruction and construction

This girl had to learn to unlearn

To find and become familiar with her best friend and enemy; her own unique self.

Harshly shaken by this inevitable breakthrough,

I began to undress

To detach my mentality from a belief system so “I” could push through!

Disconnected with the goal to look a certain way to love me

Extracted my feet from the pain to be

present in the spotlight

Detoured to the observant aisle where pride took flight

Redirected my intentions from the aim to always be busy

To focus on real purpose; it was not easy.

Determined to be incompatible with mediocrity

Convinced my soul it is okay to need help; to pursue humility

Taught my eyes to shed the tears

To embrace the hiccups, stains and unexpected smears

Adapted the attitude to courageously speak up!

Even when the world decides to shut up!

Viciously exfoliated the thoughts to judge

my sister without confronting her; rebuking the grudge!

Broke the chains to racial prejudicial vibes

To walk freely, to respect, to love all living tribes!

Disassociated my lips from destructive dialects to fit in

To embrace the awkward silence of standing out; to guard my generation from sin

The girl was knocked down!

The woman now birthed and wearing her crown

Wow! A magical ending!

Real talk, the truth here has only been shamefully bending!

Sometimes in compromise, she sells the discomfort of change

For a sniff of their approval, a taste to binge!

The world has aged and I still struggle to excavate the foundation

Striving still, surely not in vain to truly understand me, the original creation

Takes great time, courage and spiritual energy

To extract spirit, soul and body from psychological lethargy

To accept, to walk, to talk, to dream alone!

To inspire, to grow, to be mind blown

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