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I am a Woman

Roots to the stems to the growing bud

The bud bursts open and a flower it becomes

From the first drop of blood that her body purges

Hail the lady that within herself emerges

A petal over a petal; like a rose

Draping her body is her bodice

Curves and angles the grace she gains

This sensual pleasure to one’s gaze, Hide!

Her emotions are now in a full swing

Her desires are gaining wings

Her growing pride kept in the silk

See what puberty to her brings

Hush the overwhelming words!

Hush what these new desires spurt!

Hush the woman raising in her!

Hush this mere existence!

One step down and the other in mid-air

I will dance until my feet wear

Let my arms guide the winds

Or let them fling in the air

My body sways from left to right

Let it flow with the ocean tide

Breathing in freedom with pride

I am a woman, if not Aphrodite!

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