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Pandora's Box, Unleashed

Zoleka Fuyana | Zimbabwe

Thief in the night she will come,

Slyly, slithering, slipping through the cracks of your body

Woman breaks into you, snapping and cracking

Gruellingly, she will take over

Puppeteer, strings in her hands

Arsonist, your house she will light

and from the ash, you will rise a new being


Sand in your hand, the little girl slips away

dead in Woman’s eyes, bury her at dawn

pink bows decorate her grave

a tricycle her tombstone

a memory she will become

mourn her, grieve her,

rip yourself apart and roll in the ground

lower her into the dirt and watch

as your ancestors receive her, as they receive what you once were

Swell in your bosom, sway in your hips, plump in your lips

Lingering eyes follow the trail of your body,

drool and salivate, mouths will water

first this will feel foreign

then you will revel in it

absorb it, let in sink in

War in your womb, you will bleed

Pain will erupt in you, rage will overflow

Pandora’s box unleashed

then the tears will cascade down your face

what. am. I. feeling.

And Woman will cackle from inside you

after all she is a mystery

an enigma certainly

Zoleka is in her first year of her computer science bachelors degree. She believes in telling authentic stories of African women and girls. Connect with her at

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