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Rants of my Reflection

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Look woman, the way you scoff at the jolly jiggle of your skin

The way you criticize the rebellious marks etched upon your oiled mahogany.

Look how you nag at the stubborn genes that identifies you with the greatness of your ancestors.

You cower at the evidence of life embedded within the womb.

Look woman, the way you aggressively address the double standards of your chin,

Your laughter ceases at the cost of demanded definition.

Look how you embrace the cries of an empty stomach.

The way you expertly condition your mind to lead within the "acceptable range"!

Look woman, the way you have muzzled your appetite to grow.

Perfectly aligned with diet cultures, you withhold your freedom to be soulfully satiated.

Look how smitten you are with blandness,

How you find pleasure in the emptiness of unfulfilling products.

And look how you pride yourself in concealing your voice

Boldly hiding behind binges only to recklessly rid yourself of the "poison" clogging your drains.

Look how you delight in expired muscles, aching bones and exaggerated thigh gaps

Painfully cinched tight at the waist, you stand so deceitfully poised.

Oh woman, look at the way I see you

Look how I work overtime just to be you.

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