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Therapeutic Invasions: The Year We Lost, The Year We Gained

Melissa Asregadoo | Guyana

Questions with options

Decisions, no time for discussions

Rushing with no limitations

To live on the edge, wild imitations

Gifted with 2020 vision, I saw it clear

Beyond the lights which disappear

Determined steps, no time to spare

Ready to dive, head first, no gear!

Countdown, rushed in and over the border

Tripped on life, tangled in disorder

A new age of masked emotions

Hidden smiles and quarantined evasions

Caught off guard, my thoughts entangled

Unplanned routine, my plans were mangled

A fool for fear, a fear for nothing

Nothing to say, nothing to do but something

A violent takeover

With a vibrant makeover

New friends, new laughter, new hope

A hope to discover the heart of a home and with prayer, learning to cope

A year of risky takes and reboots

A cyber cycle of bytes and data pursuits

Of my voice being featured in web retreats

Unwanted deletes, required repeats and network meet and greets

It was my moment to breathe

To unfold layers for facades to burn

To become intimate with my purpose

To make intelligible suggestions and discuss

When the world cocooned within the clasps of this storm

Is released to embody its true form

There will be treasures of growth

Birthed from wounds of struggles or failures, maybe both.

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