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Youthful Sehnsucht: The Lengths We Go for Success

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Caroline S Joseph | India

Sehnsucht, what is it that we yearn for?

Foggy destinations, uncharted routes, undecided choices

Keep us awake, like fireflies in the night

Scouting out for opportunity in every nook and corner.

Earnestly waiting, always on the cusp of something huge

Desisting to let go, impossible to quench our thirst for more

Constantly searching, for means and ways to better ourselves,

Unwilling to overlook subtle shortcomings, we pry on.

We fast forward the next seven years of time

Yet inept to parallel life’s momentum.

While holding onto cinnamon tales and cherry memories

In futile pursuit of immortal youth.

The first shadow of doubt is ignored, Life is such we say.

A few easy nights, other days too tired to sleep.

We push forward, inciting the battle of success vs health,

Both rivals equally matched, there is no reigning champion.

Monotone days blend into uniform shades.

Soulless shadows we move across the canvas,

Painted smiles and cloaked joy convey nothing,

Convey nothing of the tints of amplifying discomposure.

Faint voices, subdued yet again and again

Endless days controlled by catalogued tasks,

Draining mind and body, we remain blinded

By the pot of gold at the end of the storm.

Accomplishment eclipses the hardship, a teaching as old as time.

No matter your state of mind we comply with life's rule

If it furthers your journey in life you take it on

Happiness, capacity, intellect and willingness lay forgotten

Incomprehensible boundaries cannot be crossed

Words forgotten and lost cannot be said.

Where is the word “enough” when we need it

Where do we draw the line of “making it”.

Conned into this drudgerous world we make do

By living on the rare breathers we grant ourselves

Is there no end to the ladder to success

Where we savour the fruits of our labor.

Would it be so objectionable, to cease the grind?

To be coddled by the sun’s pleasant rays?

To feel the scintillating breeze on your cheek?

To live in the moment, merry and youthful.

Caroline Joseph is a 21-year-old living in the lively city of Bangalore, India. Currently pursuing a Btech degree in Computer Science Engineering, she gladly bides her time doing anything but working towards it. At any point in time, you will find her dreaming new worlds and imagining impossible scenarios (both realistic and fantastical). Catch her on Instagram @melangeofwords

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