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In partnership with The World with MNR, a registered non-profit corporation founded by twin activists and journalists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman, we created Girlz, RTW Summit, a new project to empower girls to dream big and pursue non-traditional careers.


The Girlz, RTW (Run the World) Conferences aim give girlz around the globe access to training, empowerment, and mentorship to pursue their dreams and reimagine the possibilities available to them. This year's conference is focused on helping girlz build resilience during tough times, create supportive communities, and gain a better understanding of themselves so they can unlock their own potential. 


December 6TH - 20th

10 INTERACTIVE SESSIONS on 3 key themes

wellness &

mental health


community & belonging

Register below to get access to all workshops. You'll receive calendar invites for each workshop along with worksheets you can use to reflect on and apply learnings. 

12/6 at 9 AM EST

Social Media for Good

Whether you're a small business, non-profit, or individual, here you'll gain skills on creative storytelling online that will mobilize people to action.
12/18 at 10AM EST

Design Thinking Skills for Your Dream Life 

Learn about the Design thinking Process used by organizations around the world to come up with solutions to key problems. We'll show you how this design thinking can be used to make your life easier, better and happier..
Image by Nathan  Guzman
12/10 at 10 AM EST

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

Isn't meditation for old people?  Does it even work? If you're asking yourself these questions, join  us for a session to demystify Meditation.
12/19 at 10:00 AM EST

The Power Of Our Voices & Stories

We often forget the power of our voice, and the power we have in weaving our own narratives.
In this session, we'll better understand how we can weave our authentic selves into the professional world. 
12/11 at 12 PM EST

Building Resilience

Learn how to build resilience in your journey through reflection, self-care and positivity to power you through good and bad times, setting you on a path ready to take on the world.
12/19 at 1 PM EST

Building Mutual Aid Networks

Passionate about a cause in your local community? Join this workshop to learn how to create sustainable partnerships, called "pods," to make a difference through direct, tangible and inclusive aid.
12/13 at 9:30 AM EST

Unlearning Harmful Norms

Unlearn harmful norms that are holding you back. In this workshop, you'll build skills to help you better question norms to unlock your potential.
12/20 at 11 AM EST

Unleash Your True Potential

Learn from your failures and convert them into stepping stones for success. You'll gain insights on how to deal with stress more effectively, manage crises, and adapt to adversity.
Image by bruce mars
12/15 at 12 PM EST

Communication Skills for A Virtual World

Learn key communication skills needed to connect in a virtual world. You'll gain new skills and the confidence you need to get your point across.
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 2.01.29 PM.png
12/22 at 11 AM EST

Learning from Transgenerational Trauma

The life experiences, circumstances, and oppression experienced by our ancestors can impact us in many ways. Through this workshop, we'll learn to look at our family's history and identify how it affects our own behaviors. 

The first-ever Girlz,RTW conference was held in partnership with Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Over 100 girls based in Toronto had the opportunity to participate in the conference. 

Our conference focused on three main aspects: The Summit, Field Trips, and Mentorship.

The summits and field trips featured five streams: Storytelling, Sports, Advocacy, STEM, and Business. 

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