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Join our new Unlearning Accelerator to challenge and unlearn limiting beliefs holding you back! 


Tired of self-doubt holding you back? Ready to shatter your own glass ceiling? 

Apply to join our 10 week Girlz, FTW Unlearning Accelerator designed to help you shatter limiting beliefs and empower you to reach your full potential. The Unlearning Accelerator creates a safe space where you can work with peer mentors to challenge and unlearn limiting beliefs around self-worth and agency that are holding you back.

Why are we doing this? Gender equality practitioners consider gender norms as both a source and a re-enforcer of inequality between men and women. These norms are upheld by biases and limiting beliefs that undervalue women’s capabilities and rights in society, and constrain women’s choices and opportunities. Research shows that these biases are often upheld by women themselves. We believe challenging and dismantling the limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves is the first step in challenging gender norms in our daily lives and eventually in our communities. 

How it Works 

Eligibility & Details

Note: This program is NOT a replacement for therapy and is not run by licensed therapists or psychologists. 


Women above 18 years of age can participate.

Showing Up

You must have a willingness to be introspective and participate in discussions. Being camera-on is highly encouraged. 

Time Commitment

You must be able to commit to 1-hr workshops once a week for 10 weeks. 

Intercultural Exchange

This is a global program. Girlz around the world are encouraged to apply. Please note that you must have an open mind to other cultures and keep communication respectful. 

Missing Sessions

You are only able to miss 2 sessions. When you miss a session you must be able to watch the recording and connect with a peer to get caught up. 

Time Zones 

All sessions will happen Saturday or Sunday between 8 AM and 11 AM Eastern Time. 


March 8th: Applications Open
March 22nd: Applications Close
April 1st: Acceptance Emails Sent 
April - June: Program Workshops

Have questions? Emails us at

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