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A Throne Made of Thrown Stones: A Poem on Female Resilience

Vanessa Chisakula | Zambia

“Ubuchende bwabaume tabutobe enganda” - A man’s infidelity is not an issue

My mother’s words of wisdom go like

Ubuchende bwabaume tabutobe enganda

For centuries men's infidelity continues to receive countless ululations and praise

As society continues to elevate

These inhumane approaches

Where women are treated like roaches

Simple crawling insects that can be sprayed away

But women are not tire-mending bays for punctured men

Women are not there to nurse men's egos

But are there to rise above these headless chickens and fly like eagles

No woman deserves to be battered

Every woman deserves to be pampered

Not her knuckles plastered

But her body covered

In a warm embrace

She is a rose among thorns

Who owns a throne?

Made from every stone thrown

So dear woman every time you looked at yourself less

You looked at yourself through a broken man

Who served as your broken mirror?

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