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Learn Your Name

You step out of your mind

You place your darkness on the soles of your feet

You walk on fear

But you get up today.

You place your pills on your tongue

Swallow the shame

Your voice gets held up in the silence

Caught up, tangled in your throat

So you bang your head on the walls

But you learn to make a sound today.

Your chest heaves

Heart drums beneath your skin

It tries to break the lock again

But you catch your breath

And you hold it gently

And you softly whisper “ you are where you need to be”

You forget to panic today.

Memory decides to interrupt the show

So you get up and dance to the lullaby of your torment

The music is no longer an overdue bomb ticking past zero

But a wake up call to growth

You plant a seed today.

You wear your favorite shirt

Your muscles unclench and paint themselves a masterpiece of a smile

You stare out the window

And it is no longer a blank canvas

And you are suddenly a child again

Bright morning spilling paint all over the floor

You hope again.

Pick up the life in you

Collect the ashes of your haunting

Burn them again, but this time step away

Wave goodbye

Unplug the record

Snap the car door open

Unlearn your pain

Learn your name

Because you’re here

And you survived.

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